Conflict Resolution Training

–  85% of employees leave due to conflicts
in the supervisor/employee relationship

–  50% of an employee’s work satisfaction depends on the relationship with his or her supervisor

To learn how to prevent your business from being a part of these statistics, please click on to our conflict resolution training.

Each workplace has very specific challenges based on their customers, client’s employees, services, and organizational structures. Fighting Chance conflict resolution workshops and training sessions are designed to help with your business challenges.

Our Communicate/Assess/Respond/Empower (C.A.R.E.™) training provides specific steps to increase managers and employee productivity and promote better workplace compatibility. We work with many agencies including law firms, corporate offices, social service providers, veterinary hospitals and schools.

The training is unique and tailor-made to the particular responsibilities of your staff. Our workshops and trainings are based on three fundamentals:
• Looking beyond the obvious-mentally and emotionally
• Learning skills to manage the predicable and unpredictable
• Creating a strategic plan for handling conflicts

When the staff feels secure in their ability to handle the worst situations, they can
achieve a calm and relaxed attitude toward their clients, co-workers, customers, patients or students. Our goal is to create a training environment at your workplace that mentally prepares your staff for handling conflicts. First we focus on the three basic
components of conflict development. We call this (T.S.A.) Think, Speak, and Act.

Second step is to create workplace scenarios to practice the skills learned in
the classroom training. The scenarios are realistic with the goal of providing staff
with the confidence to handle workplace conflicts.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your staff in providing a
service that gives everyone a fighting chance!

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