Ethos Mindset Training


Our mindset dictates the way we think, react and how we make our decisions. In many environments especially in the workplace this can be empowering or a challenge. As a former military leader, combative martial arts instructor, mentor and current business owner, I know and appreciate the value of forward thinking.

E.M.T. is designed to help you recognize your state of mind and the mindset of others. Then provide you with strategies and techniques that will allow you to be a more effective at work and in your daily life.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Know how to determine and evaluate personality traits
  • Understand the 3 key components to having a breakthrough in your life
  • Apply and implement the “Blank Check” concept
  • Strategically design the first of three duplicatable levels of powerful thinking


Program Length: 6 hours


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