Inspirational Speaking

IMG_4383Have you ever heard a story that gave you chill bumps, made you cry, or had you smile because you could truly relate?

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Walter Chase’s story is one of challenge and inspiration. Hear how this kid who didn’t have running water in his home until the age of 12, went from living on his own at 15 and spending time in jail, to becoming a college graduate and receiving the World Arts Foundation’s Keep Alive the Dream Lifetime Achievement Award for community service.

He continues to inspire students with his See It Through™ gang prevention and youth mentoring program, which has been implemented in five area high schools. He has been acknowledged as one of the most inspiring speakers for high school graduation keynotes.

B.E.A.S.T. Mode™
Athletes, students, and coaches make reference to “being a beast.” There is a very powerful meaning to this phrase that most aren’t getting.  Walter shares what being a B.E.A.S.T. really means and inspires young people to create and live a mindset for optimal success in life. Learn more about this powerful speech and student essay contest.

Walter will be the first to tell you that you can’t motivate others, they have to motivate themselves. However, you can certainly inspire others. To have an opportunity to have Mr. Chase speak at your next event, please contact him at 503-475-4302 or email him at

Fee range: $350 and up

What People Are Saying about Mr. Chase

Dear Mr. Chase,
I was so impressed with your talk to the graduates at Skyview High. I have to say I am embarrassed to admit that I did think the GED was maybe a secondary to the “real diploma”. But after the evening was over, I realized that these kids really reached their goals and that is awesome. My nephew is one of those grads. My true hope is that if one grad was affected by what you said and took it to heart, then we all would be blessed. Thank God you were able to turn things around in your life and become what you have become. It was truly inspiring to listening to you. And thanks for your time last night.

I just wanted to take a moment this morning to say thanks for speaking to our students last night. You did a fantastic job! I had more positive comments about the speaker from parents and members of the audience following the ceremony last night than we have had since I’ve been here. Our board members and superintendent were also very impressed. Thanks again and we look forward to a repeat performance next Wednesday night at Skyview High School.

Kevin Johnson
Director, School Programs, ESD 112